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About VA6YXH

This repeater connects primarily to the DoDropIn  Conference Hub and carries a variety of nets covering a variety of topics, from technology, to astronomy, to science, RV living, and even recreational opportunities. Ham radio is a fun hobby and I meet a lot of people in the hobby of astronomy who are also into amateur radio. Feel free to link to my system and drop in.


VA6YXH is built around 2 Motorola Spectra radios and a Raspberry Pi2 running the HamVoIP software. It is built strictly to cover the city of Medicine Hat and provide local hams and listeners with the opportunity to hear some really interesting content in a variety of areas that I am personally interested in. It is a work in progress.

VA6YXH Repeater

Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

VA6YXH is my experimental amateur radio repeater.

Frequency: 444.000 MHZ FM

Offset: + 5.00 MHz

Tone: 110.9 Hz (up and down)

Mode: Analog FM

Echolink: 894115

AllStar Net: 56848

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