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Astrophotography Tips - Part 7 – The Cost of Imaging

No matter how you slice it, be prepared to spend some good money to build an imaging rig.

There are a few basic areas that are the major cost points in building an imaging system

1. The mount

2. The telescope and camera

3. The post processing gear (laptop, software)

Part of the problem is that to build this, you will have to be ready to invest in major sections at one time. You could start with the mount and OTA. Or you could start with a camera on a stationary tripod. Perhaps you have a laptop. What about a used laptop, or even a used camera? And there is always free software to use as well.

But if you want to get serious, start thinking about what you want you rig to look like and then break it all out into discrete pieces and when you can purchase them.

I don’t think anyone should take out a bank loan to buy an imaging rig, but working overtime is always an option, or even taking a second part time job just to make that extra is worth thinking about.

The nice thing is that once you have it, it is yours forever.

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