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Imaging at SASP 2023 (Part 4)

My final image that I will share from this year's SASP is the Eastern Veil nebula. I was quite pleased with this capture, done for 90 minutes and very near the meridian on the first night of the SASP. This was all done with the ASI533MC Pro on the Hyperstar 8 V4, gain 100, temperature at 0 degrees and using 60 second subs, processed with flats and darks.

John Mirtle worked with my final result taking it into Pixinsight to do some tweaking on it. This was after I worked with iit in Astro Pixel Processor as well as Photoshop.

I believe this image could benefit from a star reduction tool as well.

Overall very happy with my results at SASP 2023.

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