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Welcome to Wildcat Astronomy

My name is James Paulson and I have been an avid amateur astronomer since 1970. I love to do astrophotography and I also love to continuously learn more about the universe and how it is all put together. I built this site to share my love of this amazing hobby and also some of the amazing science and even my own ideas inside the science of astronomy.

All of the deep sky images in the gallery section shown above were taken by me using various cameras and telescopes, and they were also post-processed by me. The planetary images were processed by me from raw AVI files supplied through the public domain. The blog articles on this site are all researched and written by me. I love to write about astronomy as much as I like to do astronomy.

Wildcat Astronomy is all about sharing and connecting with others to help us get more out of our hobby, and learning to use the gear that you may have right now by seeing how I use mine. This site is most especially for those who are new to the hobby looking to gain some experience and knowledge that can help you at your level without breaking the bank. 

I welcome your feedback and your questions alike. Please use the form below to submit your comments or questions.

Thank you

James Paulson

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