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Hyperstar 8 V4

Updated: May 9, 2023

I am about to find out what the Hyperstar is all about first hand. I have ordered one and I have sold my SN6 as well, so I am going all in. I will report back later this spring when it arrives and we get it all put together,

The Hyperstar converts an f/10 Schmidt Cassegrain telescope such as the C8 into an F/1.9 camera. The Hyperstar lens takes care of all the required corrections and field flattening to make this happen. At f/1.9, this camera is a very fast 8 inch lens-mirror combination and will be great for capturing extended nebulosity and imaging things like comets, and dense milky way star fields. I'd really like to consider doing an all sky image with it.

Stay tuned.

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