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My First 60 minute Hyperstar image

Post collimation, on Saturday August 26th, I had a reasonabky decent sky with an 11 day gibbous moon in the sky, and I was imaging from my backyard dealing with all the urban light pollution one would typically deal with. I pointed my scope at M13 as it was up fairly high and still in some blue sky and I began to collect 30 second subs with the Hyperstar 8 V4 and the ASI533MC Pro cam.

I took a total of 120 subs on this evening before moving to another target. I still had some forest fire smoke in the sky to deal with as well, and I was using my autoguiding with dithering as well, and had decent guiding and polar alignment. According to Starizona, autoguiding is not required to use Hyperstar but I am kind of old school and I find it simple to set up and go through these astrophotography routines.

I am impressed with the quality of my collimation on this image, but more than that I am impressed with the depth of detail that Hyperstar can capture at f/1.9 in only 1 hour's worth of data. I look forward to getting it to our upcoming star party in Bortle 2 skies and putting some deep time on several favorite targets. I am looking forward to capturing Ha in M33 as an example.

Yes, this is an expensive piece but this is exactly what I want to be doing with my imaging system.

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